Rockin Marketing Solutions is a 100% Black female owned Marketing Agency which aims to innovatively contribute, inform
and change the approach and mind‐set towards customer centricity. In short our company is in the marketing management
business therefore our outcome is successful marketing management to increase. Our customers’ revenue
through acquisition, retention, re‐activation of customers’ database through providing a plan, Management systems and tools for them to
effectively optimise their resources. We endeavor to ensure small, medium and micro businesses have healthy growth.
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Gerhardt Shebe noted fashion designer and stylist. Gerhardt Shebe is the owner and founder of Gerhardt Shebe Creations. 2011 Winner of the fashion academy designer of the year, crystal award winner for best formal wear 2012. Official designer for Miss Free State SA. Personal stylist for poet and scrip writer for local soapy Scandal: Miss Teraska Muishond, Gerhardt Shebe has dressed the likes of former Miss South Africa Tatum Keshwar, Top billing presenter and radio personality Jeanni D, as well as corporate women and public figures. Gerhardt says: “Matric balls are one of the highest highlights of our school career. Last year was all about the plain classic old Hollywood look that had very clean cuts and straight lines . This year I believe that it’s going to be more dramatic. Style icons and a lot of celebrities are already bringing a lot of drama to the red carpets’. This is a year to be taken out your comfort zone and be daring. Thus i will Sponsor the Winner of this Movement a dress of her design”




Yolanda Maartens Brown is a well-known radio and media personality who recently stepped into the NGO sector to fulfil her lifelong passion: to make a difference. With a master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Disaster Management the perfect fit came for her as branch manager at the Reach For A Dream Foundation serving the Free State, Northern Cape and Lesotho. Yolanda is a vibrant people’s person and gladly shares her passions with those around her. Yolanda believes in social change and that we need to start believing in our youth, not only because they are the future but because they are often more in touch with the world than most adults. The children and teens Yolanda works with at the Reach For A Dream Foundation are incredibly resilient and face life-threatening illnesses on a daily basis. The strength they show, the battles they fight and the situations they overcome have proven to us all that they are stronger than we think and that is why they deserve a platform to showcase change in their communities, academic achievement and the will to initiate a positive movement.


Being a photographer is an amazing, challenging, interesting, ever changing career you can pursue, especially if you love what you do. My name is Maricka and I am the owner of Ahee Photography. You can classify me as a Freelance Photographer. For me Photography can be summed up into the following. It is an art of observation. It may not always have to do with the things you see, but the way you see them.This is an amazing movement and I am honoured to be involved. The stress of it being the final year of school, moving out of your parents’ house, maybe to a new town can downright be daunting and then you still need to think about your future! This is a lot to handle for one person, but for the winner of MMSA it will be a team effort guiding her into the right lane of this fast driven society we live in. I am definitely going to give it everything to support and help out in any way possible for this movement and the coming years of it. Thus I will be creating The Winners portfolio.


I matriculated at Oranje girls high and studied LLB at KOVSIES. After graduation I practiced law as an attorney for a period of six years. In 2012 I joined national government at Dept of Public Works. I started my own companies in 2016. My legal Consulting company is named Zen Consulting. I recently ventured into media and started HiRes media. For me taking on new challenges is what keeps me going I am currently the ceo and founder a non profit company, the Pink Project. We are human rights activists that fight for women’s rights and equality. This movement shows the importance of education. That’s what drew me to it. I support it wholeheartedly. This will inspire our youth.



For 29 years the Reach For A Dream Foundation, has brought hope, joy and healing to countless South African children. These children between the ages of 3 and 18 years have used their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and leukaemia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, renal failure and various blood disorders.
Reach For A Dream seeks to alleviate the strain that a life-threatening illness places on these children and their families by providing the children with the opportunity to realise their dream. Reach For A Dream enriches children’s lives by making dreams come true and as a result, distracting them from the needles, medication and hospital environment. These young children are under extreme pressure to deal with these medical issues and are in desperate need of our encouragement. In addition, Reach For A Dream offers the child a magical moment to regain their childhood that is being lost to an illness.
The foundation believes in the power of dreams. We encourage children to use their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses. And we seek as far as possible to make dreams come true. Our vision is to grow the Foundation, enabling us to continue giving hope to children fighting life-threatening illnesses through the fulfilment of their dreams, and to further help as many children facing these illnesses though our national projects such as our Camp Sunshine, Queen For A Day, Captain Courage, Show You Care Send A Bear and our Jabulani Kingdom Hospital entertaining projects that all function on
an ongoing basis.
To get involved and make a donation to the Bloemfontein branch you can email the branch manager :
Yolanda Maartens Brown: or visit





Mazars, an integral player in auditing, accounting, tax and advisory services in South Africa
Mazars has a long history of professional excellence in South Africa. Our commitment to the care of our clients and their businesses is strongly reflected in the loyalty they show us - some client relationships we have maintained for over 50 years.
We provide the same diligent and personal service to everyone we are engaged by as a part of the Mazars group.
A versatile blend of personal attention coupled with huge resources and experience positions us uniquely in South Africa.
We are a firm with the power and presence to rival the world’s largest accounting firms but with the agility to respond to our clients’ needs quickly and decisively 





LogicSMS is a premier provider of bulk SMS, Premium SMS Short‐Codes and mobile services.
We have been operational since 2001 and are known in the industry for combining a high quality service with low prices.
LogicSMS prides themselves for their dedication to high performance, high quality services, all the while maintaining world
class client support. LogicSMS is regulated by the Wireless Service Providers Association
(WASPA) and subscribes to their code of conduct.